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Awarding University

Awarding University- Savitribai Phule Pune University:

ASM’s Institute of Professional Studies (IPS) is affiliated with one of India’s premier universities, Savitribai Phule Pune University, formally known as University of Pune.

Savitribai Phule Pune University:

Savitribai Phule Pune University - Logo
  • Ranked amongst the top 3 universities of India.
  • Largest university in the region.
  • Rated 5-star university.


Choice Based Credit System (CBCS):

  • SPPU has adopted Choice based system in its syllabus designed in the year 2013, present syllabus which is developed in 2019 takes choice base system to next level by offering wide range of elective courses.
  • The definition of credits can be based on various parameters- such as the learning hours put in, learning outcomes and contact hours, the quantum of content prescribed for the course.
  • The credit system requires that a student progresses in the academic programmes not in terms of time (semesters/ years), but in terms of courses.
  • Each course is assigned a certain credit, depending on the estimated effort put in by a student. When the student passes that course, he/she earns the credits associated with that course.
  • New syllabus for MBA Programme offers various types of courses as listed below:
    1. 3 Credit courses (100 Marks)
    2. 2 Credit courses (50 Marks)
    3. 1 Credit courses (25 Marks)
  • In the credit system the emphasis is on the hours put in by the learner and not on the workload of the teacher. Each credit can be visualized as a combination of 3 components like lecture (L) + Tutorials (T) + Practice (Practical/ Project Work) i.e. LTP pattern.
  • The effort of the learner for each credit point may be considered to have two parts:
    One part consisting of the hours actually spent in the classrooms/ practical/ field work instructions.
    The other part consisting of national hours spent by the learner in self- study, in the library, peer interactions, case study, writing of journals and assignments, projects etc. for the completion of that course.
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