Scholarship - ASM Institute of Professional Studies (IPS)


ASM group of Institutes besides facilitating acquisition of various scholarships to eligible students as per UGC rules also recognizes by instituting regular financial and coaching support on its own to deserving students throughout their studies at ASM.

ASM Group’s Scholarship Program:

This is done in the form of subsiding hostel fees, free books and reading material from library and specific mentoring programs free of cost for deserving students achieving excellence in their academic performance at ASM ASM also sponsors deserving students to special Seminars and Conferences in India & Abroad-free of cost,thus providing better opportunities for knowledge gain and necessary exposures. ASM group is contemplating to install ‘Merit chairs'(EXCELLENCE AWARDS) as a part of its academic activities to provide further financial assistance to deserving students to support their efforts to achieve excellence in their studies.

while at ASM ASM group as a part of its programs of co-curricular events awards, ‘Merit Certificates’ to its students to add value to the students’ credentials and help securing, better career placements.

To apply for scholarship please send your details to:


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