Grooming for Success at ASM’s IPS

Grooming for Success


ASM’s IPS has an excellent track record of placements, with over 30,000 alumni placed across the country in various sectors, functions and levels. These alumni provide networking strengths and enable continuous industry-academic interface. The alumni inputs along with the institute’s myriad activities play an integral role in making our students the choicest pick by the various organisations that come for placements. The involvement of a dedicated Corporate Relation cell is with a view to conduct important career planning.

The launch pad for grooming begins on day one when the students come to our campus through very intensive induction schedule by the end of which a student has designed a road map for the following years with the institute. Industry Academia Interface & Activities are designed with a lot of consideration to make a student desirable to the industries and they act as milestones on their journey towards their placements.

IPS attracts a wide range of students from various backgrounds and potential, this necessitates a SWOT Analysis that helps to profile them according to their skills and abilities. Few of the activities that are carried out as an intensive preparation for placements are:-

  • Student counseling and workshop on self assessment
  • Resume building, interview techniques, group discussion and negotiation skills
  • Psychometric and aptitude tests
  • Email/Mobile etiquette
  • Panel discussion for functional areas
  • Student club participation
  • Facilitating summer internship
  • Student Analysis – Profiling
  • Job Analysis – Market Assessment

A well planned placement process by matching the above thus reducing response time to company requirements, gives ASM the cutting edge.

Grooming for Success
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