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International Tie-ups

Our Collaborations

  • CETYS University, Mexico
  • Vistula University, Warsaw, Poland
  • Marketing Institute of Singapore, Singapore

Avenues for Collaboration

Student Exchange

We at ASM look to provide students the opportunity to visit each other’s countries and campuses. The objective of this effort is to provide students with an opportunity to gain real life exposure to the cultural, social, industrial, educational & historical aspects of each other’s countries. The program envisages home stay at the host country for the high school students. The study will include participation at social functions & festivals, culminating into a ‘Certificate of Understanding’ from the foreign Institute. As for the under graduates and post graduates, they could be accommodated in hostels and hotels. Their study will include traditional as well as modern teaching methods, in the form of regular classroom lectures, industrial visits, and discussions with experts, as well as travel to nearby places to better understand the socio-economical environment as well as historical landmarks. An exam will be conducted at the end of the program for the under graduates and post graduates, to award a ‘Certificate of Proficiency’ in the subjects taught on the trip. The Student Exchange Program is aimed at increasing the threshold of the students’ global perspectives.

Faculty Exchange

Globalization is the call of the day and we at ASM believe that every student should benefit from the insights of teachers from various parts of the world. Keeping this in mind, we feel that it would be beneficial for both our institutes to have a consistent faculty exchange, in order to impart knowledge and experiences of our faculties to each other’s students, to better their global perspectives. The faculty undertakes two week teaching assignments, in subjects and topics chosen by the host institute for the respective courses. The visiting faculty member will conduct tutorials and give assignments, which will be followed by an examination. Successful students will be awarded a ‘Certificate of Proficiency’.

Sponsorship & Deputation of Faculty for Conferences at Each Other’s Campuses

Our Institution explores a symbiotic relationship whenever an international conference takes place, by participating and providing sponsorships for such events. Participation may be by sending research papers, or having faculty members visit each other’s university for presentations. This will help in providing insights on the latest technology & innovation sharing and presentation techniques.

Twinning Program

Twinning programme offer students an opportunity to study a particular course, with a syllabus designed by two universities. This programme provides specialized exposure to higher studies and dual degree possibilities. Hence, the student stands to gain a degree certificate signed and issued by two universities. The advantage of such a program is that the student learns in two different cultural environments, and becomes an internationally qualified professional.

Establishment of Off-Shore Campuses

This is a long term objective of co-operation, based on the necessities & needs at each other’s countries (in compliance with the regulatory norms) to establish off shore campuses. The host institute will be a stake holder in terms of participating in infrastructural, licensing & related investments as permitted for the establishment of the off shore campus. The objective is to provide off shore opportunity to the students to study the courses offered by the foreign university in their own home country and get credits & certificates as valid and approved by the higher educational authorities in both the countries.


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