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ASM’s Event Incon – XIII 2018
ASM’s incon – XIII 2018
March 24, 2018
Teachers Day 2016
October 5, 2018

All work and no play….. not at IPS

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Year round celebration of life is what it is all about at ASM’s IPS. In the preceding year an overwhelming 60 events were held at the ASM’s various campuses, making that an average of more than one per week.
Opportunities for learning, growing and achieving exists everywhere at ASM’s IPS. Life at ASM’s IPS is a blend of academics, extra-curricular and leisure activities. Strong student clubs activities give students opportunity to pursue hobbies of their interest. In addition, activities such as cultural programmes, student programmes, festivals, cultural celebrations and inter college events makes life at ASM’s IPS very colorful, enriching and enjoyable.
Insignia is an annual endeavor of the ASM Group of Institutes to promote overall development of students. It is an inter-collegiate event in which more than 60 colleges participate. Over 2-days, events like Antakshari, Mad Ads, Fashion Show, Singing, Dance, and Street Play are organised with almost 3000 students as participants.


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