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Flagship Event of ASM’S Mindscape
Flagship event of ASM’S Mindscape -2016
February 13, 2016


Report of Induction Programme

Event held on 09/08/2016 and 13/08/2015

Day 1

The new beginning for all the undergraduates and graduates students has started on the very first day of induction program on 9 Aug ,2016 in which all the students had entered into a new world of professional, management and technically educative course of MBA. While into the seminar room, all the new students were felicitated and welcomed by the seniors as well as faculties by giving roses and putting tilak.

Around 11 am, the respected Dr. Asha Pachpande (Director of IBMR) addresses the students and welcoming the 26th batch by saying that all the students in this batch are lucky as some innovative and new activities were going to start this year .She motivated us by sharing her previous experiences and has told to have a fixed goal in life and we have to work harder with dedications and loyalty to grab the opportunity by giving some few hindi movie dialogue such as “Khudi ko kar itna buland ki khuda khud apne bande se pucha bata teri raza kya hai”.

Mr. Sandeep Pachpande

After that Sir Dr. Sandeep pachpande (chairman) ASM’s Group of institute also address the students regarding all the skills which need to be infuse for a professional student such as leadership, courtesy, behaviour, attitude, integrity. After that he showed us an inspiring video of unity.


He has passion for reading, learning and training and read over 200 books and has also an orientation in translating spiritual books for HAPPY THOUGHTS (Tejgyan foundation). He addresses us in the very energetic way on the motivational, leadership, attitude, integrity skills in which he tried to get rid of the fear of “Log kya kahenge”. He did an activity and divided the students into four groups called ‘Task’, ‘Tell’,’People’ and ‘Ask’. He again divided these types of people into four quadrants namely ‘Analytical’, ‘Driver’, ‘Expressive’, ‘Amiable’. With the help of this activity we came to know that where we stand and what we need to improve in our life.

Day 2

Mr. Arun Firodia (Chairman of Kinetic Group)

On the 2nd day of induction, he addressed about the entrepreneurship to the students . He asked the students to start up their own entrepreneur with new ideas, management skills and technology. He motivated us by saying that we should raise our grasping power, versatility and competency. At the end he stated that in order to survive in an industry you need to have positive attitude, skills and knowledge.

Dr. S.P. Kalyankar

At 12 noon, Dr Kalyankar endows us with the examination pattern, syllabus and the CGPA and SGPA grading system. After that Mr. Mahapure Sir explained all the rules and regulations regarding scholarships ,university fees ,sites for filling examination form and told us about the dos and don’ts in the college and hostel.

Captain Dr C.M.Chitale

After the lunch, he addressed us about the strategies, skills acquired, knowledge required during the whole process of life and not only during MBA but to become leader.

Being prof. in PUMBA they share their strategies used in solving case studies and activities and request us to implement the same to achieve more results .This session provides us intellectual, technical as well as personal development qualities which was really helpful for us to attain heights of success.

Mr. Pramod Deshmukh

At the end of the day he explained about the ‘profitability of attitude’.

Basically he expressed about the attitude that and

  • It is the way we look at the things and
  • How we react and respond to it.

He has raised the question why attitude change?

  • Attitude change because of our Thoughts,
  • Thoughts change based on our Action,
  • Action makes it our Habits
  • Habits build our Personality and
  • Personality leads to Success.

According to him the 5 key terms for success are –

  • Learning,
  • Listening,
  • I’m Responsible,
  • Tathastu,
  • 3 and H (Head, Heart and Hand).

Day 3

Prof. J.A. Kulkarni Sir addressed about the personality development, he explained that it is important to meet all personality challenges and situations in professional life.

He explained about certain term like

  1. Pedagogy:- “Theory and practice of teaching and learning process”.
  2. Capability Development :- Competence and Domain Knowledge
  3. Holistic Personality = Knowledge + Emotional Intelligence + Career Objectives.

Mr Emmuel Braggs explained us about the 3-C’s which is required in the business

  1. Courage
  2. Commitment
  3. Conviction

Sir also gave us the valuable knowledge about “reinventing ourself”

The steps behind reinventing yourself are:

  1. Create a vision for your future
  2. Write about your reinvention
  3. Surround yourself with visual reminders of the life you’d like to crate
  4. Now that you have a vision of your future, break it up into workable task
  5. Go back to that vision of you walking towards your future

At the last day of Induction Programme Mr Rathod has explained us about the Mind Power. He told us about the various powers of mind which help us to achieve anything in our life. Some of them are

The power of thoughts

  • The power of strength
  • The power of confidence and
  • The power of positive thinking.

Day 4

Prof. Dr. E.B. Khedkar

Dr E B khedkar is the versatile person, educationalist, philanthropist and social worker. He is a well renowned person having more than 39 yrs of experience. He has done PhD in business administration and also guided PHD student’s .Dean of Management of Pune University.

He gave us the concept of CASH i.e., KASH and also told that money is required for success.

  • K = Knowledge
  • A = Attitude
  • S = Skills
  • H = Habits

“Be a master in one particular subject”

He shared with us many real experiences in which he told the moral that whatever situations good or bad happens in our life, we should be stick stubborn at our decisions and sayings which always leads to success and contentment in life. He told that as he is from the rural area and even if there were no facilities at that time like lights, internet, transportation, instead of those also he has find his own way of light of success through his hard work .Recently he has been working for 16 hours a day but as if now the age factor came into picture, he has to reduced his work schedule by 2 hours with the interval of 5 years and it is so strange to find him working too much at this stage also.

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