Faculty - ASM Institute of Professional Studies (IPS), Pune


Faculty at IPS:

The faculty pool consists of the best of industry and academia, thereby providing students an opportunity of hearing and learning straight from the ‘Horse’s Mouth’, the intricacies and relevance of theoretical aspects of the application. By following unique teaching methodologies, wherein mainstream teaching is supported by industry interaction, the faculty brings to the classroom, contemporary information and a realistic view of global business. The main focus of the faculty lies in the holistic development of each student, enhancing their business skills, technical skills and soft skills, as well as the overall personality development of students.

ASM’s IPS Faculty

  • Faculty members include experts from industry, academia &government bodies.
  • Experts from the industry to act as part time faculty members.
  • Global exposure through regular visits of foreign faculty.
  • Holistic development of students through various educational, social and cultural activities.
  • Contemporary teaching methods.


Prof. Dr. Sudhakar Bokephode

Director, ASMs IPS

Qualification:-MA, MBA, PHD

Experience: 34 Years

Expertise: HR, OB

Prof. Dr. Lalit Kanore.

Dean, ASMs IPS

Qualification: PHD, M.ScMath,MBA

Experience:22 years

Expertise: Marketing Management, Business Research, Decision Science

Prof. Dr. G. B. Patil.


Qualification: PHD, MPM, B.Sc, D.LL, LLB.

Experience:36 Years

Expertise: Organizational Behavior, Labor Law, Public Relations.

Prof. Dr. Vikas Barbate.

Associate Professor

Qualification: PHD, MMS, M.Com, PGDBM

Experience:26 Years

Expertise: Finance & Accounting, International Finance Management, Customs & Tax Administrations

Prof. Dr. H. Sanjit Singh.

Associate Professor

Qualification: Ph.D, NET, MBA, B.Sc

Experience: 19 Years

Expertise: Operation & Supply Chain Management, Inventory Management, Business Research Management

Prof. Dr. Saramma Thomas

Assistant Professor

Qualification:Ph.D., Master Material Management,

P.G. Dilpoma Materials Management

Experience: 30 years

Expertise: OPERATIONS & SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT, Labour & Social Security Laws

Prof. Sandeep Sarkale

Assistant Professor

Qualification: Ph. D. (Pursuing), NET,MBA, B.Pharm

Experience: 07 Years

Expertise: Operation & Supply Chain Management, Production planning & Control, Total Quality Management.

Prof. Isha Bhate

Assistant Professor

Qualification: MBA, MCM, B.Sc

Experience:09 Years

Expertise: Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management, Labor Law.

Prof. Ruchita Ramani

Assistant Professor

Qualification: MBA. B.Com

Experience:09 years

Expertise: Customer Relationship Management, Marketing Management

Prof. Sagar Satpute

Assistant Professor

Qualification: MBAMarketing , Fin, BBA

Experience:05 Years

Expertise: Marketing Management, Digital Business, Enterprise Performance Management.

Prof. Vikas Vidhate

Assistant Professor

Qualification: MBA Fin, HR, IBM, M.Com, BBA.

Experience:05 Years

Expertise: Financial Management, Taxation, Accounting

Prof. Minakshi Singh

Assistant Professor

Qualification: MBA, MBE

Experience:15 Years

Expertise: Business Economics, Import & Export

Prof. Ravi Singh

Assistant Professor

Qualification: MBA Marketing, Finance, B.Com

Experience:17 Years

Expertise: Customer Relationship, Marketing Management

Prof. Vishal G. Patil

Assistant Professor

Qualification: MBA Marketing, B.Pharm

Experience: 5 Years

Expertise: Digital Marketing, Marketing Management

Prof. Snehal Sachin Mohite

Assistant Professor

Qualification: MCM, B.Sc. (Computer Science)

Experience: 8 years


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